Open Source Cancer Research

img_1515_jay-bradner-open-source-cancer-research Image Credit: Good Search

Why would a person who’s a doctor and a chemist give away his medical research rather than patent it? Because he’s hoping for faster open-source drug discovery for cancer.

You maybe familiar with crowd sourcing (where anyone can go online and make a pitch for your project, and complete strangers interested will contribute money. If you raise your goal, you get the funds, and begin sending out your thanks-you’s, product prototype, etc.) An open-source drug discovery is where all the ideas and data are shared in real-time and anyone can participate. There are no pattens. It’s not owned by any lab. The concept behind this is for discovery of good drugs for cancer, anyway possible and as quickly as possible.

I couldn’t get the video to post here, but the link to a 12 minute TED Talk video is below.  It’s an inspiring look at the open-source future of medical research. It’s about a social experiment that turned into cancer prototype drug. This project is funded by open-source, and crowd sourcing. He’s still looking for financial support for this project. Open Source Cancer Drug Research


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