What’s your cancer song?

still standing Image credit: Good Search

You know how it goes. You hear a song on the radio, and it’s not a love song, or break-up song, but a cancer song. The words fit your situation perfectly, or communicates what you need to hear to boost you up. When I was first diagnosed, I played and re-played Mario Lanza’s “When You Walk Through a Storm.” The song gave me strength, reminding me I was not on the path alone.

Then, my roots deepened with a gospel song from The Glide Ensemble Love to Give CD. “God Will Take Care of You.” I’d play the second one all the way to the cancer clinic—over and over, and over. “Don’t you worry so much about the path you chose. . .”

Word got out I was groovin’ to gospel. I was gifted the WOW Gospel 2008 CD. I’d have my morning pep session, listening to a song on the CD sung by Myron Butler and Levi. “Stronger” starts off with a guy saying, “Ugh, I wasn’t really expecting this.” It makes me laugh. What a perfect cancer lament! Then the song goes into, “You thought the test was gonna take you out, but now you’re stronger than before.”

Toward the end of chemo, my song became Elton John’s “Still Standing.” “Did you think this fool could ever win, well look at me, I’m comin’ back again. . .”

Several years later, I was re-diagnosed, a second time. Working out at the gym, Pat Benatar came belting over the radio: “Hit me with your best shot! . . . You don’t fight fair – that’s okay, see if I care. . . I’ll get right back on my feet again.” The song gave me some “umph” to put into my workout, as I sang this song along in my mind to cancer.

What song brings you through though or scary times of the cancer journey?



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