The Book is Published!

The book release is just around the corner!




Who would benefit from this book?

If you, or someone you know are newly diagnosed with cancer.

CWTDOS-finalcover-web400x600px copyIf you – patient or not – don’t know what to do, or say about a serious diagnosis.

Healthcare students and professionals working with patients who have “chronic conditions”.

If you’d like to know more about the journey in a casual, non-scary way.

Caregiver, co-worker, neighbor, or family friend who wants to help.

Libraries: including church, cancer resource rooms, colleges and universities.

If you’d like to move from feeling awkward into being of service.

What’s the tone of this book?

•Over 200 essential tips, e-mail insights and photos.

•Humor, raw moments and a light spiritual edge woven throughout.

•No terms like: fight, struggle, battle, victim, or survivor.

•Guides the patient through their cancer experience and provides friends and families ideas for how to move from feeling awkward into being of service.

To Read The Book Endorsements:

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Cancer: What to Do or Say (Tips for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer—and those wanting to help.) See book trailers at Health and Happiness, Claudia

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