Metaphysical View of Death

The metaphysical view of death is known as transition.

We are eternal. The body moves on, but there is no finality of the soul.

Here is a ten minute video from Abraham Hicks (via Esther about Jerry’s transition in 2012.)


Stress Reduction for Cancer Patients

deep_breath image credit: Good Search

Cancer. A positive attitude will help, but don’t put an added weight on your shoulders by expecting always be happy, chipper and having the energy, or body of Wonder Woman. It’ll just add to the stress of it all.

Knowing stress-reducing activities can help. Find activities you enjoy. I requested people to pick up comedy and travel DVDs from the library that I could watch while on the couch. I also listened to CDs of music and books, and downloads of hypnosis for pain reduction, to which I’d often drift off to sleep. I’d also drift off during meditation, or prayer.

If you don’t know how to meditate, but think it may help you, don’t make a big deal about it. Try breathing deep, slow breaths when you’re lying down, trying to fall asleep. For me, It would help to say a positive affirmation or short prayer—one word with each inhale. It means a short phrase will take a long time, and you may forget the next word, or get tired enough from the deep breathing that you’ll fall asleep during the process. If you choose to do short affirmations, it may go something like this:

Lower your shoulders. Even when we’re lying down, we have them raised, which is a state of stress, not relaxation. Deeply inhale in as you mentally say, “I.” When you fully inhale, there’ll be a moment where you pause into the nothingness—neither inhaling or exhaling, without holding your breath. Your body will know when to begin the exhale. After completely exhaling, there’ll be another moment where you pause into the nothingness—neither inhaling or exhaling, and not forcing your breath out. Your body will know when to inhale, and as you inhale, mentally say, “Am.” On your next inhale, you might mentally say, “Health” or “Peace” or “Comfort”—Whatever comes to you. If “Watermelon” comes to you, allow it, and continue with your breathing. It’s about release, not control or judgement. You can begin with “I” on the next inhale.

When I used a prayer, I almost always fell asleep around the tenth word, which was what I used on purpose to help me fall asleep—and I believe falling asleep to a peaceful mind is setting the stage for healing during sleep. I also believe some of us sleep to heal. Anytime I’ve gotten sick, if I could get sleep, I recovered pretty quickly. I figure my healing Guides get me out-of-the-way so they can do the healing.


Food Meditation

Mindful eating image credit: Google

Before you eat, do you bless your food? Do you think of all the ways the food before you supports your existence? From the sunshine and water, to the farmers, truckers, store clerks, and if it has a wrapper on it, the designer of the package and the person who bought, prepared, and about to eat the food? We could even go out further to prove to ourself the support of all the universe by including our dishes, the chair on which we sit, the drink we’re about to have with the meal. . .

Can you eat in total silence? So many people eat fast. They don’t even know what’s in their mouth at any given point. Try this: Eat with someone and out of the blue ask: What’s in your mouth right now? Describe the taste, and texture. Some people have to stop and think what food is in their mouth! And their hard pressed to describe it.

Appreciating the food we eat doesn’t just mean, “Thank you”. It’s about being aware. Here’s are two links about mindful eating.

This is about Thich Nhat Hanh’s meditation center in southern France. If you’re in southern California, there is a Buddhist monastery that allows the public to join the monks on certain days for mindful eating. (Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, California.)

An Affirmative Prayer for Inner Peace

Prayer for inner peace

Please take a few minutes to join me in this spiritual, not religious, affirmative prayer for inner peace.

In America, there’s lots of heart ache right now. We’re in the midst of the season of love, joy – the season especially for children. For those who’ve been touched by the school shooting last week — wether in person, or through news, there’s lots of healing to take place. It won’t happen over night, but my prayer is that it will happen.

Below is an affirmative prayer. It’s actually part prayer, part meditation, and part teaching someone who’s not used to prayer or meditation what they can do to bring themselves inner peace. It is only by raising our personal energetic vibration that we can shift the energies around us, the collective consciousness. Thanks for taking the time to read this. It isn’t “religious” but written for all.

There is One power. It is God, the good. This presence of good is in all. There is no separation. We can think we’re separate, we can act as if we’re separate, but God, the good is in us, as us. It is closer than our very next breath.

Just as a drop of the ocean has all of the ocean within it, we have all of God within us. Not one person has more God than another. Some may study or practice It more, but God is within us 100% — all the time —waiting for our recognition and acceptance of It to activate into glorious fulfillment.

When there’s pain or confusion, turn to the peaceful power within. It never left. Things just got noisy and the still, quiet voice was muffled.

Stop. Breathe. Turn off the T.V. or radio. Stop the monkey-mind chatter. Leave your troubles at the door or at your feet. If you want the troubles back when you’re done sitting still, you can consciously pick them up again—or not—because you’ll be of clear mind, and able to decide they don’t serve you.

Look for good. Are you frustrated about how people are driving? Look for the good drivers! Bless them, thank them as you’re on the road together, creating a safe atmosphere for everyone. Look for spots of beauty. Consciously acknowledge it! “Isn’t that a gorgeous cloud!”

Listen to God. It’s speaking to you all the time. The nudge, the gift, the comfort in times of pain and confusion.

Even in incredibly tough times, there are shards of light for which to be grateful. Give thanks. What did or didn’t happen in the midst of chaos? Who was or wasn’t there that made it a bit better. The whys may never get answered. We may need to create our own answers to “why”, or move forward without having them answered.

Let go. When someone dies it’s often like a rope burn. They’ve been pulled from our grasp. We mourn, heal, mourn more; heal more. The memories keep us company. We hope and trust the pain will soften.

Be gentle on you, on others,

Peace. Deep Peace.

Cells get happy!

This is an amazing Ted video with Edith Widder: The weird, wonderful world of bioluminescence.

While this video isn’t about cancer, it reminded me of a meditation I’d do during cancer treatment. I’d envision cells in my body moving around as if they were happy individuals at a party. They were colorful, and had smiles. Some would laugh and zoom around. They’d multiply, replacing the “party pooper” cells that would fade away into nothingness.

Enjoy the stunning activity of deep sea and try a “happy cell” meditation.



Will Power has nothing to do with mental healing

photo credit: Claudia Mulcahy


It is our conviction, not our concentration that directs the Law of Nature. We don’t force anything, we don’t have to beg, either. We allow Creative Mind to work and demonstrate through, and for us.

If something tough (cancer or otherwise) comes up for you, maybe that situation came into your life to be healed. Or, some other life lesson comes from it. It’s no one else’s business but your own, although many will tell you metaphysically tell you why you got cancer. Life is 100% FOR you! God (whatever that may be to you) is here right now and always working at 100% optimization. This is your personal project. The Essence of Life WANTS you to heal; to be in balance. Your part is to say, “YES! I AM READY. I am going to allow the Universe to work in, around, through and for me. The Universe brought me right up to the door. I’m knocking. YES!  I am open and receptive to all my good! I let go of my false beliefs and begin to celebrate now!”

Let go like you’re letting go of a balloon. It’s easy. It’s done. It’s your conviction, not your concentration. Spirit does the heavy lifting. We only need to allow the work to be done. Repeat this process as often as necessary, but don’t force  it, and make it rote. Conviction for health should be fun! Make it light. Be the child letting go of the balloon. Let your heart be light. If you need to go dark for a while – do it. THEN COME BACK!!! Healing happens in the light. The light always overtakes darkness. (But you have to allow the crack of light in. It’ll expand. It’ll push the dark into dawn. Then focus on your heartbeat, a bird’s song, and allow the day to unfold into glorious moments.

However it resonates with you: Let go; let God. Let it be. Thank you. Om. Aum. And so it is. Amen. Shalom. Praise Allah. Peace.

Having Cancer is Like Learning to Swim.

 photo credit: Google Image

When you’re learning to swim, you’ll learn a few things real fast.

Don’t fight the water. Lean into it. 

  • If you fight it, you’ll certainly drown. To float well, you must relax, even tilt your head back a bit. If you kick about—you’re going down. With cancer I learned early on I had to get ahead of the fear. I had to tell cancer to go back to it’s nothingness. Disclaimer: By saying I got ahead of the fear “early on” is not intended to sound like I walked out of the doctor’s office with composure. (Well, actually I did walk out of the office with composure, but as soon as my foot hit the hallway I had the big, loud, messy melt-down!)

Trust no one around you will let you drown.

  • You’ll flail your arms, your head will bob up and down, and some days those on whom you rely won’t be available. Even so,  you will be safe and provided for. I had a neighbor I didn’t know knock on my door saying she was going to the store. My medical team listened to me and my list of side effects, then made changes or suggestions accordingly. Support shows up even if it’s not from where you expect. Stay open. Don’t outline who will help, when and how. Know it’s working out to your advantage.

People on the pool deck are cheering you on.

  • People you don’t know will give you thumbs up, winks, verbal compliments, and physical help. Others you don’t know but have seen will start conversations where before they felt no need. Some friends and family show support by gifting, sending cards, or doing acts of service like running errands, cooking, or staying with you during or after chemo and surgeries. People do want you to succeed. They are rooting for you!

There’s an ice cream bar waiting for you when you get out of the pool.

  • It’s okay to use “water wings” (anything to help you through the cancer experience.) Listen to your swim instructors (medical team, and spiritual inspirations.) You’re all suiting up, but you’re the one in the water. Metaphysically, water symbolizes consciousness. When I was first diagnosed, I had a scene appear to me during meditation. I was swimming across a river. Half way across, the water got extremely rough, tossing me about. During this meditation I felt, and on an energetic level heard  the words, Trust. Float. Not much later another image came during meditation. Again, I was in the water floating, leaning my head back into large white wings, as if they were my swimming instructor’s hands. (Remember how well you leaned your head back into your swim instructor’s hands? Trusting? Floating?) What better instructor to trust than big white wings? The part I find most amazing is that for most my life, swimming was not enjoyable, and was a source of fear for me, not comfort. Here I was, pulling strength and peace from water images.

Trust. Float. It became my mantra. Half way through chemo, I realized the meditation from weeks previous was spot-on. I knew I’d get to the other side of this storm if I continued, without wavering. Trust. Float. Trust. Float.  Ultimately, I made it to the other side. So will you.

What helps you get across the stormy waters?